Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Visitors

There's nothing more humbling than a dear friend creating a blog FOR you! (Thanks, Yibideth!)

Life with twins is anything but boring. Those who have come to visit have said, "It's triage at your house!"; "It's like the church nursery all of the time"; and "This is like 4x the work of one baby." The old sage advice to "sleep when the baby sleeps" doesn't happen with twins because they're rarely asleep at the same time. We're exhausted, but we wouldn't trade it for anything.

In an attempt to "catch up" these last 13 weeks, we're posting photos of our visitors (well, at least those of whom we took photos) holding our sweet Grace and Chance. We're very blessed that these people came to see us, some helping out for SEVERAL days. Thank you, all.

Julie Young (aka "Aunt JuJu") holding the twins at 9 wks' old

Above: Grammy Sharon (Jenny's mom) holding the twins at 8 wks' old

Left: Valerie Gibbs holding Grace at 5 wks' old

Aunt Amanda (Jenny's sister) feeding Chance at 5 wks' old

Grandma and Grandpa Boespflug (Jenny's family) feeding the twins at 2 wks' old

Above: Jamie Chavez holding Chance at 2 wks' old
Left: Our priest Maggie blessing the twins in the hospital at 4 days' old

Uncle Eddie (Eric's brother) and Aunt Anne holding the twins at 1 wk old

Friday, June 8, 2007

Living with Grace!

This is Grace with Gigi, one of the many wonderful family and friends who have helped out.

Doesn't she look content?