Monday, November 26, 2007

Video of Chance Trying to Eat Solids

Our little boy had some trouble swallowing solids, as you can see in this video. His tongue was in the way, which is both humorous-looking and adorable (in our humble opinions). :-) BUT WE ARE HAPPY TO REPORT that tonight, he got the hang of it -- and he ate a half of a jar of apple sauce! YAY, Chance! Grace, as usual, still eats very well; she likes veggies, especially sweet potatoes and green beans (but doesn't really like fruit, which is confusing to her Mommy who loves sugar).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

new house for "Baumgatner"

They've started building our new house! We thought we'd post pictures. (Our friend Paula suggested this groovy idea--thanks, Paula!).

Funny, though, that they're building the house for "Baumgatner" instead of Baumgartner. Sounds like a Long Island pronunciation (um, we ARE in South Carolina)!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Solids, Crawling, Teething, Etc.

The twins are developing superbly (in Mommy's humble opinion)!
Rice cereal first. Not a big hit. Both Chance and Grace seemed ambivalent about it. Then sweet potatoes (as seen in these pics). Gracie liked the taste and began to get the hang of eating with a spoon, opening her mouth and swallowing quite well. Then bananas, which Chance seemed to like but couldn't quite swallow. His tongue got in the way--he pushed the food out of his mouth instead of to the back. Then green beans and apple sauce. Gracie ate like a pro, but Chance is still struggling, poor boy. What to do with that tongue, a.k.a. "third lip"? We hope he'll be eating solids SOON.

Chance is crawling EVERYWHERE -- he mastered it while Grandpa was here last week. Gracie can sit up on her own but still isn't crawling yet. That's okay: Chance can't sit up by himself yet. (Nothing like fostering a little bit of competition, eh?)

Both Chance and Grace are cutting their bottom, two, front teeth. Chance's are bigger (i.e. came in earlier), and Gracie has been hurting for about 2 days now -- Mommy has been using the Baby Orajel, which seems to work better than Infant Tylenol. Hope to include pics of those teeth soon -- they're difficult to capture on film!

A P.S. about the photo below: Before we left Birmingham, Mommy braved a few trips with the twins by herself. Here we are in Barnes & Noble, where Gracie's "squealing" (to show her joy) scared off a customer.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Coastal Carolina Fair

Last weekend, before Daddy started his new job, the family trekked over to the Coastal Carolina Fair (, just a few miles from our new neighborhood. Except for a chilly breeze, we had a splendid time. The fairgrounds were were clean and safe -- one of the best we've ever attended (and Jenny, who enjoys a good fair, has been to a few, including the Ohio State Fair, a biggie). Of course, the twins are too small to go on the kiddie rides, but they took in the lights, sights, and sounds, including oogling at baby chicks and birds, goats, horses, cows, roosters, etc.

The Fam in the pumpkin patch (Yes, Daddy got a little bit cold in those short sleeves and shorts.)

Daddy and Chance and oo-la-la french fries!

The animals!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween M&Ms

We celebrated Halloween with a cookout at our new neighbors' house along with folks from about 6 other houses around us. Because we live in a big neighborhood, lots of kids in costumes both cute and scary (ick) ran up to our "candy table" for a treat (no tricks :). Thankfully, Grandpa Boespflug had given us M&M outfits for the twins. Chance, obviously, didn't make it past 7 pm, falling asleep in Daddy's arms as he (Daddy) chatted with neighbors: two Citadel cadets (Blake and Carmichael) who are holding the twins in the photo below. We live in a friendly locale, eh?! (Yay!)

Grace in a Box

We've been unpacking this week but took a break one night so that Grace could try on a few cute hand-me-downs. She selected a pair of red boots that (apparently) taste yummy, and Daddy picked out a bonnet that matched her PJs and put her in a box. (The bonnet, which is too small for her already, makes her little, tiny head look big.) Even though the twins have had colds (#3!), Grace seemed to be feeling well enough to play in the box for quite a while . . . it's cozy, I guess. Hope you can see the short videos too.