Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gymnastics Euphoria

Our twins love their Bumbo seat, especially Gracie who has been obsessed with "sitting" and "standing" for a couple of weeks now. We call her "Mini Mary Lou" (as in Retton, Perhaps she'll be a gymnast like her namesake and "big sis" Grace Norton. Or she may teach Baby Aerobics and will be like Aunt Anne (Boespflug) who has taught aerobics (for adults) for a while.

When we pull on Gracie's arms, she stands, her eyes grow very large, and she smiles. (It's difficult to capture this moment on film, of course.) Her erect posture makes us think she'll like equestrian sports (to Grammy Sharon's delight! . . . When she's big enough, perhaps Grammy will take her horseback riding in Colorado.)