Saturday, November 29, 2008

Citadel Homecoming

Haven't posted because Mommy was down with a stomach virus. Thankfully, the rest of The Baums avoided it, and our sweet neighbors supplied Daddy and the twins with REAL food on Turkey Day (We're grateful for Mindy!)--while quarantined Mommy had Gatorade and toast for several days. Daddy took 2 days off of work to be Mr. Mom, and the threesome fared well--okay, they played hard! Except for the "tacetti" for dinner (Daddy accidentally used taco-seasoned beef from a prior meal in their spaghetti sauce), the 3 kids got their groove on. :-)

The weekend before, we hosted dear friends for Daddy's birthday--only his 38th, but he taught Grace to chant "Lordy, lordy Daddy's almost 40." Chris, Eric's best friend from college/The Citadel, and his wife and 2 boys stayed with us for the weekend . . .

The guys cut Daddy's ice cream cake from Ye Ole Fashioned (better than Cold Stone, y'all!).
Zeke donned our cat "mask," to Chance's delight--Grace, smitten with Matthew, hardly noticed. :)
Citadel Homecoming weekend: the barracks were briefly open to the public, so the fam saw first battalion (Delta company) and Chris and Daddy's former rooms.
A female cadet (yay!) with Tracy and the boys. (During Daddy's senior year, the "first female cadet"--Shannon Faulkner--attended The Citadel.)

Daddy and Chris with former classmate.

While the daddys golfed on Sunday morn, Mommy, Tracy, and the kiddos played at Wannamaker park.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Needs Toys?

TRUTH OR MYTH? "They" say that children prefer boxes to actual store-bought toys. For the Baum Twins, very true!

Monday, November 17, 2008

November Linguistic Headlines

Chance said "I'm sorry" after a time-out! When we started time-outs (at around 14 mos. old), Grace took to them like a duck to water, even putting herself into time-outs when doing something she'd been told not to do. She also quickly learned to say "I'm sorry" to Chance (her usual victim) and give him a hug. Chance, on the other hand, seemed to think the discipline was disturbing, not even sitting in the time-out spot for a nano-moment . . . and when Daddy and Mommy once encouraged him to say "I'm sorry," he burst into tears, prompting Daddy to say Chance wasn't "developmentally ready" (that was about 4-5 wks ago). But about a week ago, he said "I'm saw-wee" to both Gracie and Mommy after a time-out. Precious!

(Pic: Chance chose this "reduced price" NASCAR book at Target--the cars, esp. the crashes, interest him but perhaps not as much as the one page that includes a pic of an airplane!)

About 3 weeks ago, Gracie started singing the ABC song by herself. Last week, she even sang it on the phone to Grandma and Grandpa Boespflug. Hope to post a video of it soon (per Daddy's request). She also seems to be entering the world of "dress up," continually putting on shoes (esp. her pink crocs) and different pieces of clothing--how 'bout the outfit she chose in these photos with Daddy?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happenings Around Town

A Lovely November Weekend . . .

We went to the SC Aquarium on Friday (11-7) because our membership was expiring that day!

Mommy LOVES sea turtles, and lo and behold, one sat at the bottom of the tank that day! (Unfortunately, one of those lime-green eels also peered from between the rocks, scaring Gracie.)

On Saturday, the Coastal Carolina Fair again this year! (We moved here a year ago, just in time for the fair!). Pic: Cool dudes enjoy a corn dog.

On Sunday, Mommy "distracted" the twins with lollipops so she could do a bit more unpacking (while Daddy went to the sports store to buy gloves and shoes for upcoming flag football season--Go Daddy!).

Our dogs, freshly washed by Mommy earlier that day (yup, the weather was that warm!), beg for a lick!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Seafood and Bounce (but not necessarily in that order)

The twins and Mommy survived a week of Daddy being out of town only to quarantine him to his bedroom the following weekend because of illness . . . poor Daddy!! But in between, the four of us went to the Sustainable Seafood Festival on the waterfront in Charleston (to encourage buying/eating local)--but arrived too late to buy the fresh shrimp off of the boat (arrgh!). Still, we tried four different salmon dishes prepped by fabulous Chas. chefs (then voted on our fav)!

(Pic: Daddy eating salmon while the twins run around, watch boats and seagulls, say "hi" to everyone, etc.)

Obviously, we're TN Titans fans. Daddy purchased outfits for the twins online. (He already owned 2 adult-sized jerseys, of course!)

A nearby "bounce place" offered free admission all day on the Thurs. before Halloween--for kiddos wearing their costumes, that is. Mommy and her friend April took advantage of it.

Mommy let Gracie go down one of the slides by herself--oh no. Much too fast! (She "flipped" over at the bottom and cried for a minute or two afterward. She curbed her independence just a wee bit after that.)

The kiddos sharing a snack break (L to R): Chance, Grace, Tristan, and Steven. (Thank you, April, for the pics--and for the most delicious sugar cookies ever baked. Seriously. Melt-in-your-mouth and should-sell-'em-for-a-profit delicious.)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week o' Docs

See VIDEOS below of first merry-go-round ride and Grace's love of bouncing/jumping (by throwing her feet out from under her body).

We've had a "doctorous" week!

On Mon., a visit to MUSC's Dept. of Pediatric Neurology, scheduled over 4+ mos ago for Gracie (caveat: since then, we have seen improvement). After a lengthy interview/history, the docs couldn't determine the reason for her shimmering eyes (i.e., infrequent jiggling back-and-forth) and scheduled an EEG to check for seizures. Has anyone experienced holding an 18-mo-old's body and head for over 20-25 min. while 2 nurses stick electrodes to her head? Gracie screamed and cried even though Daddy was holding her body, and Mommy and Chance were trying to entertain her with song and dance. On Fri., the EEG results came back negative, as Mommy and Daddy expected, and we praise God for the good news. Next steps? The doctoral resident mentioned an MRI, though we're not sure yet. The remaining possible causes:
--A general developmental issue that she will outgrow. In fact, over the 4+ mos since the appt. was made, the shimmering in her eyes has DECREASED--yay!
--Optic nerve problem, which would mean working with a "developmental opthamologist," said the neurologist. However, we've already been to a pediatric opthamologist (in Jan. and Sept. 08), who dilated her eyes and presumably found nothing wrong with the optic nerve (at least not via this route). He said she is farsighted and prescribed the glasses she is now wearing. Just last week, though, Mommy saw a friend and her 6-mo-old daughter in Wal-Mart; the daughter's eyes also shimmer, considerably more so than Gracie's, and the cause definitely IS the optic nerve ("optic nerve hypoplasia"), said the same pediatric opthamologist after dilation . . . so, we're a bit confused and will research it further.
--A tic(s), which would mean "watch-and-see" for developmental improvement, then--if needed and much later--therapeutic help.
We'll keep the blog posted.

In the meantime, Gracie talks and talks. She's like her Mommy: stubborn and very verbal. :-) She learned "candy" on Halloween (OF COURSE!) and, for a few weeks now, has spoken in two-and-three-word sentences: --"What's that?" (her favorite question, asked FREQUENTLY!)
--"Hold you"
--"Kiss you" (all parents say this, but her teeny hugs and kisses are HEAVENLY)
--"Come in" (when someone knocks on the door or when she opens a door)
--"I want some" (typically when she sees someone eating something she wants too)
--"I see you"
--"I love you"
--"I'm naked!" (spoken with glee as her naked hiney runs away from us)
--"who is it?"
She also counts to 5 correctly but then usually skips to 7 ("seben"), then 9, then 10.

Healthy little tykes, albeit physically small. Both are generally in the 3rd percentile or less--but have continued to grow bigger with each check-up, so the pediatricians tell us not to worry. :-)

Grace: 18 lbs., 12 oz. (still wears mainly 12-month-sized clothes)
Chance: 20 lbs. (we can finally turn his carseat around, but we'll likely wait till Grace catches up)
In Rochester at the Strong Museum (see prior post)

"What's that?"

Grace, awake for a while, teasing her brother who has just wakened from his nap