Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Fun

We know; it has been a while since our last post. Gracie and Mommy drove to Tallahassee, FL, about 2 weeks ago to see the Fosters (Jenny's friends from early childhood--aka our "other family"). Elizabeth was home with Ella Bella (they live in Hawaii), so we HAD to see them. On Saturday morn, we went blueberry picking in the heat at 9 am. Gracie ate so many off of the bushes that she suffered a terrible tummy ache on the way home. When she let out a huge, blueberry-smelling burp, we knew she had indegestion.
After blueberry picking (L to R: Ella, Elizabeth/Yibideth, Jenny, Gracie, Gigi/GramGi)

Gracie's first taste of fresh blueberries!

Because Gracie was so enamored by Ella (who is her "elder" by 5 mos), she really began walking in earnest to keep up. No more crawling. She also would call Ella's name while looking for her around the house, pronounced "El-LA!" with emphasis on the latter syllable. But she rarely let anyone (other than Mommy) hold her. In fact, when Will (Elizabeth's brother) tried to give her "hug-kiss," she would say "no" so emphatically that we began calling him "Dr. No." (Daddy and Chance enjoyed a "guy's weekend" together, including going to the water park with our neighbors, Matt and Mindy.)

In early June, we went to Roark's Reptile Safari ( in Summerville, SC, with a mom's group. Alex, a snake enthusiast and snake owner, and Chase went with us too. Despite the large array of interesting snakes that Alex described to us in more detail, Mommy thought it was a dirty, somewhat scary place that was not well-kept, and both Alex and Mommy decided to leave the "show" early. Above: a pic of Grace with a large turtle crawling by. Below: a pic of Chase and Grace.

Chance graduated from his first semester of The Little Gym (he's eating his medal in this picture). The twins are going to another class on Saturday mornings this summer.

Gracie and Daddy, Red Sox fans.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Grandparents over Memorial Day

We saw Grandmother and Grandad Baumgartner over Memorial Day weekend (at the Lowman Home), and Mommy forgot to take more photos than these (Grandmother and Grace, Grandad and Chance) . . . but we saw Aunt Patricia and Uncle Tommy and Aunt Carla too! Chance polished up his walking skills while we stayed at the guest house, trekking up and down the hallway, around the dining room table, and all over the living room. He's enjoying his new independence.