Monday, May 31, 2010

Halloween Party in NY - Oct. 2009

A blast from the past (since it's June 2010 now) . . .

Last Oct., Mommy and the twins flew to NY to see the Boespflugs. Grandma and Grandpa had a Halloween party at their condo for the kiddos--Cousin Shayne and a couple of her friends too--where we christened the new basement/rec room.
Silly cousins: Chance, Shayne, Grace goofing while eating at their new table.

Aunt Susan, pregnant with Kayla Rose, came too!

Aunt Manda holds the twin train engineers before the party begins.

Mommy piled the cousins into the bathtub together one nite. Ahh, bribery when they're teens.

And we went to Uncle Matt and Aunt Jessie's one day and played with Cousin Shayne's toys -- or are they Uncle Matt's? (SEE VIDEO!)
The girls eatin' cheese and chillin' in Shayne's comfy chair.
Grandpa read the grandkids lots of bedtime stories.

Grace and Chance's first time in the basement.

Uncle Matt shows off his toys . . . er, Shayne's toys.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Preschool Grads!

Our laptop's hard drive completely crashed, and we've been waiting for Mommy's check to arrive so we can buy a new one . . . In the meantime, a tiny netbook will have to do for an occasional and slow-making post.

Recording in this baby book: At about 8 am this Sat morn, the twins played in Chance's room when they first woke up. Listening to them via the monitor was so cute -- apparently, Grace went into Chance's room to see if he was awake. Then they both came to wake up Mommy and Daddy in our bed! Aww! It's a first for them.

The Baum Twins graduated from 2-year-old preschool on Thursday! Mommy joined them for a school carnival at 10:30 am (jump castles, Rita's ice cream, hot dogs, chips, playing on playground). That evening, they showed off their t-shirts to Daddy -- all 10 kids in their class put a handprint on it, and the teachers (Miss Chris and Miss Kelly) put theirs on the back/hiney. ha! (We're outside having watermelon after dinner in this pic.)

May 8, 2010: Sprinkler park at Wannamaker, followed by sprinkler at home . . . then yogurt on the couch (hence, white stuff on lip) while watching cartoons. Mommy called his name, then snapped this pic. Notice the "third lip"/tongue. Grandpa calls him a "natural comic." He loves to make us laugh! :)