Tuesday, August 10, 2010

11 Months Ago - Halloween NY (rest of it)

A long, long time ago . . . eleven months ago to be exact, we visited Grandpa and Grandma Boespflug's house for Halloween ('09). And here is the rest of that story.

The twins and Mommy spent the night in Aunt Manda's groovy downtown apartment.

CHANCE ANECDOTE: while riding in the backseat of Grandpa's car on the way to Manda's, he looked out of the window and started naming the colors of the houses--"brown . . . blue . . . pink . . . STUFF!" Not sure where that last one came from, but I cracked up. He's just an entertainer to the core.

Manda gathered toys and games for the twins' visit, but small plastic cups were the favored toy at bathtime.

The next morning, Grandpa joined us for a concert by Farmer Jason in downtown Albany. We, of course, bought the DVD and asked him to sign it. The twins wore their "Farmer" outfits, and Grandpa dressed as a pirate. (Naw, his eye was scratched, so he wore the patch while it healed.)

Grandpa took us to NYSUT to see Aunt Manda and meet folks. When Chance spied the granite fountain, Grandpa decided Chance could stand beside it and touch the water . . . Of course, Chance T-storm didn't want to get out.

The twins check out Grandpa's Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Fat Boy motorcycle. We need "thought balloons" over their heads -- any suggestions?

Grandpa in his ridin' duds!
And Grandma made "green eggs and ham" - per Chance's favorite book.
Grace gladly partook of the delicacy. Chance mostly observed. (Apparently, the rhymes and pictures made a stronger impact on Chance than the message in the story.)