Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Mercedes of Wagons

The Grands (Boespflug) came to help out last week while Daddy was out of town. One afternoon, as Mommy turned the corner toward home (after editing at Atlanta Bread), she saw the twins with a brand-new, souped-up, Radio Flyer wagon. Four cupholders, fold-down seats, storage area in the back. Folks, it's the Mercedes-Benz of wagons. Chance was pulling Grace who sat inside--under the canopy, eating grapes. That's right. Eating grapes in the shade while her brother, the ever-active little boy, pulled her home from the playground. Well, the epitomizes our twins! Thank you for the fabulous wagon, Grandpa and Grandma!These pics came from the Grands' camera--at one point, Grace and Chance apparently BOTH pulled the wagon, though it couldn't have lasted long because they only passed about 5 houses in these few pics.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jammin' in Berryland

It's strawberry season! Summerville's Charpia Farms has a fantastic crop this year (see pic), so we've picked twice already this May. Once with Alex, Chase, and Alex's mom; once with the grandparents Boespflug.
Jamberry is one of our favorite children's books. Chance particularly likes the train, "trainberry, trackberry, clickety-clackberry." The twins always consume a few of the berries they pick--yes, before paying (but usually after paranoid Mommy pours a bit of water over them to "wash" them). Hey, Mommy gives Charpia Farms a load of free word-of-mouth publicity, which more than makes up for the digested ones, right? Ahem . . . And, unfortunately, the only hat Mommy could find quickly for Chance was this camo one that Daddy bought last year . . . Don't ask.
A girl on a mission.

We also went to Boone Hall's strawberry festival where we bought some berries (the pick-your-own were already picked). Gracie rode the little train ALL BY HERSELF; Chance wouldn't go for it. She braved the ride without a smile and then burst into tears when Mommy picked her up after it was over. The cry didn't last long, though. Mommy praised her brave little girl.

Daddy and Grace eating at the festival.

Cute outfits from Grandma Boespflug!

At Wannamaker Park, Chance climbed and ran down this big hill over and over . . . and slept well at naptime! (Of course, by the time Mommy filmed it, he'd decided to investigate other children playing on the top of the hill--hence, Mommy's worried call.)

The first time we noticed Gracie really looking at her shadow (video is from Feb.)! Mommy wonders if she sees the shadow a bit differently because of her nystagmus--a potential issue for those with that condition. And around this same time, she panicked over shadows on the wall in her room at night too, telling us "no shadows" and prompting us to block light that made shadows on her walls or ceiling. Of course, it's too early to understand her vision fully. Hopefully, the fear of shadows is a normal "kid thing" that she'll grow out of. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Daddy Fun!

Our neighborhood association held a "Safety Fair" last Saturday where the twins tasted their first-ever snow cones (one of Daddy's favs). The chemical-free sunscreen made a ghostly glow on their faces; contrasted against the red dye on their lips, they looked like clowns. :-) Chance and Daddy wore matching jerseys--awww. A few days earlier, Daddy had taught the twins how to blow bubbles into Mommy's drink with a straw . . . and a few days before that, he'd moved the kiddie pool to the end of their slide so the twins could splash (see VIDEO below). And he taught Gracie a response to the Mother's Morning Out "bully" Gabin, also 2 yrs old: "I'm evil. I'll eat you." From what we could surmise after the next MMO, Gracie had said it to Gabin, and the teacher had told her "that's not nice." Ahhh, Daddys are FUN!
At the fair, the twins also explored the inside of a fire truck.
Our neighbor Mindy plays with the twins -- and they adore her. Here's an action shot of her jumping in their kiddie pool.
Video of "Daddy's fun park"

Video of the twins admiring the tractor at the strawberry picking farm.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Turnin' Two, The Party

The Baum twins turned TWO on Saturday, 4-11-09, also Easter weekend. We celebrated at the Lowman Home with Granddaddy and Grandmother Baumgartner. And Uncle Andy (Eric's brother) and Aunt Nancy (aka "Fancy Nancy") also drove up from Augusta. A weekend of abundant blessings!

Gotta quote Twila Paris: "How beautiful, the feet that walked / That long, dusty road and the hill to the cross. How beautiful, the tender eyes / That chose to forgive and never despise."
After our S&S Cafeteria meal, we broke out the Sesame Street birthday cake (actually a pull-apart cupcake cake, much more user-friendly) from Publix and lit the #2 candles. Chance cracks his knuckles while Grace patiently waits in anticipation (naw!).

Grace learned how to make these party favors work (yes, she really did).
Here we are! Granddaddy Hugh, Grandmother Frances, Gracie, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Andy, Chance, Mommy, Daddy. (Someone should've dressed Mommy in a spring-like color, eh?)At the Easter egg hunt, the twins stopped to eat the jelly beans inside each egg . . . not surprisingly, it took a while to finish the hunt. Uncle Andy guiding Grace to the next "hiding spot." The twins showing off their finds.
Chance discussing his eggs with Grandaddy, Grace with Grandmother.

Gracie with new stuffed bunny, gift from the grandparents. She passed out before we even got on the highway!
Four days later, at their well-baby check-ups, they weighed almost the same: only about 21.5 lbs. Small kiddos, but still progressing on the growth charts, though we're now cutting out almost all juice (only water and milk) in hopes that they'll eat a bit more. Chance is about an inch taller, and yes, his head is definitely still larger.

The twins loved Uncle Andy and Aunt "Fancy" Nancy. Thanks for coming, y'all.

In this VIDEO: Chance showed off his somersault--he's been able to do it for a couple of months now (Gracie, not really)--but Mommy didn't get the camera quick enough to actually see it. (Instead, you can see the effects of the sugar.) Andy likely slept well that night; they played hard. (And no wonder Andy was a Nat'l Teacher of the Yr--he's fabulous w/ our kiddos!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Groovy Gifts for which We're V. Grateful.

Ah, the twins fared well on their birthday! These babes are well-loved, a mommy's deepest hope for her children fulfilled. (Okay, pls try to withhold comments about the sentimentality, folks. Mommies can't help these things.)

They turned TWO YRS OLD on 4-11--or, as Daddy is teaching them to say, "Terrible Two." Next blog post will show pics from the b-day party with Baumgartner grands!

New picnic table and sandbox from Boespflug grandparents. Twins are playing with their friend Chase A. Starr in this pic.
Uncle Matt/Aunt Jessie/Cousin Shayne sent a precious new tea seat, and Gracie tried it out on Daddy right away.

A new "kangaroo climber" from our sweet neighbors, Matt and Mindy.
And they received many BOOKS, and a subscription to the Little Lutheran (from Pastor-Uncle Paul/Aunt Debbie), which we read CONSTANTLY. We LOVE to read!

A new baby doll cradle for Grace and train set for Chance--from Uncle Sam, Aunt Gill, and Grammy Sharon. Chance can put together the tracks of his train himself, AND he can operate the remote control by himself (GeoTracks by FisherPrice)!! This video shows Gracie rocking her baby doll. She's a little obsessed with being a little mommy. :-)
THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for the gifts and for the love. :)

Aunt Manda commented that she really likes this pic, so we posted it.

Alex (Chase's mom) just gave birth to a brand-new baby girl and brought her over to our house, to Gracie's immense delight (and Mommy's too)!

The twins almost suffocating poor Alex while they peer at Baby Charley.

Mommy just loves this brief video of Chance eating dark chocolate. He's such a hoot; he turns almost everything into a fun game . . . of course, he's very excited about the chocolate (or maybe he's hyper from the chocolate).