Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Chaos

It has been CHAOS more than usual! We moved to our brand-new house, Grandpa Boespflug came to visit, then we all got "the crud. "

Our sweet little Gracie had a fever for about 6 days, culminating with a 104.9 on Monday at the pediatrician's office and scaring the heck out of us. Tests (blood and urine via catheter--oh my!!) showed high white blood cells, and she ended up with a Rocephin/antibiotic shot two days in a row (in case of bacterial infection). Then a stomach virus surprised Mommy. By the end of the day, Daddy and Grandpa had it too. Grace seems better today--less lethargic and playing a bit, praise God! Chance has been hanging in there, despite a low-grade fever--sturdy tyke that he is. The rest of us are still healing . . . ick.
On a brighter note: we moved to our brand-new house on Valentine's Day weekend. Daddy put a big red bow beside the garage door to welcome his family. Thank the Lord for help from Aunt Carla and our new (and younger!) neighbors Matt and Mindy. Without them, we'd still be moving!

Before "the crud" hit, Grandpa, the twins, and Mommy went back to the Children's Museum in downtown Charleston, where the babies crawled around the toddler room.

Grandpa and Chance shared some lunch in a deli outside the Children's Museum.

What would we have done without Grandpa this week, who has been a huge help. He even babysat BOTH twins on Saturday while Mommy and Daddy cleaned the rental house!
On Sunday (pre-stomach virus), we went to Cypress Gardens (, only about 20 minutes from our house:
(Note: Fake alligator)

(Note: Real American Alligators)

A side bar:
Aunt Pat (Eric's sister) gave the twins these ADORABLE bear outfits several months ago, which we put on them one night last week as we took them out for a walk.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Biscuits, Swangin', and Daddy's Welcome

The twins turned 10 months' old today--Happy Birthday! They tried the "biter biscuits" from Gerber last week, and though Grace just gave it a good ole "college try," Chance had a ball with it, as you can see from the mess he made in these photos!

This is the welcome that Daddy gets when he comes in the door each night--BOTH twins want him to pick them up and hug and kiss them, which Daddy doesn't mind one bit!

We took the twins to the playground to swing last weekend. Chance LOVED it so much that he laughed--see VIDEO below. Gracie "hung out" and grinned when she the swinging movement came toward us. (The playground will still be only about 100 yds. from our new house too--yay!)
Isn't she a beauty? (We're a little biased, we know!)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Grace Says "Bye-Bye"! (First Word at 9 mos.)

Gracie now says "bye-bye" while she waves. She has been waving for a couple of weeks, but now she puts a word to it. We think it's SOOO adorable (of course!) that our petite 9-month old can do this! Miraculously, we captured it on VIDEO last night. :-) (Both babies have been saying "Mama" and "Dada" but seemingly indiscriminately. Chance possibly said "light" the other day, but we're not sure. He likes to point at lights, and we say "light" when he does.)

Mommy can't figure out how to rotate the video so that it's vertical instead of horizontal (can anyone tell us?), and it's kind of dark because it was taken in our living room at about 8:30 pm.

On Saturday, we went to the Charleston Market with Aunt Carla, and Gracie constantly waved at everyone. We also went to Folly Beach (about 45 min. from our house) with Aunt Carla because the temps were in the low 70s; photos below!
Also, we've included photos below of one of Grace and Chance's favorite toys received at Xmas from our dear friends Melissa and Chip--the twins play with their giraffe everyday; it gives them a way to pull up and stand (as also seen in the "bye-bye" video) while learning how to put the balls into the giraffe's mouth. In the photos, Grace is wearing her "Colorado denim" outfit given to her by Aunt Haze (it's sooooo cute on her, don't cha think?).