Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chance the Artiste

I couldn't believe it when I picked up this paper and saw that Chance had actually drawn a recognizeable figure for Grace -- he told her he drew her "a princess"! At 3 yrs, 3 mos, I happen to think it's pretty great . . . but I'm biased. :-)

Both kiddos were writing the first letter of their names in June. In fact, on Grammy Sharon's birthday card, Gracie wrote her very first "G."

Oh, how they love to "write notes" and "draw pictures" for us these days. Chance regularly draws faces -- two eyes, nose, mouth. His fine motor skills rock . . . but I'm biased.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Floats for Swimming!

Pic/video: 6/26/2010. About a week prior to this pic, Daddy bought the swimmies/floats, and after a bit of coaxing, the twins put them on and adored their new-found freedom in our neighborhood pool. Chance--definitely part fish and a novice stunt man. Grace--hesitant at first but a little mermaid soon enough.

When the twins started summer camp at the YMCA in June (T/W/Th 9-12), Thursdays included swimming. On the first Thurs., the twins only watched the other kids--and cried profusely as Mommy left them. (Quite dreadful, though they were happy campers when I picked them up.)

Kind of an understandable reaction, given that previously, they only liked being in the pool if held in Mommy or Daddy's arms--or were jumping into our arms from the side of the pool. Intertubes (etc.) were too unstable for them, and the "Life Guard approved" life jackets we bought, per YMCA rules, were NOT a hit. Too bulky. But on that MMO morning, Mommy noticed Christopher's (same-age friend from St. Luke's MMO) "life jacket" looked more like a fun float, and it allowed him to kick around by himself. The twins noticed him in it too, Daddy found the floats at Dick's sporting goods, and lo and behold, the twins now love that they can swim "by themselves"!!!

By July, the twins moved to the intertube--Chance especially, looking for the next thrill. :-) Daddy is pulling his feet in this picture, and Chance is squealing and laughing.

They beg to go to the pool EVERY DAY -- EVERY SINGLE DAY -- now.