Monday, August 13, 2007

Chance T'storm

The twins' personalities revealed themselves quite early: Chance as an emphatic, socializing, "hulk" of a boy (13.2 lbs) and Grace as a cuddly, cooing, petite girl (11.2 lbs). Last week, Chance began to roll onto his back (more like "tilt" until he falls over) and "scoot" across the floor, and Grace began to hug (awww!).

Chance seems to love the Galleria mall, where all of his "adoring fans" can admire his toothless grins. Once, while watching the news, Eric and I noticed that the Birmingham weather called for a "Chance T-storm," and we realized the phrase suited our little boy. He keeps us entertained and laughing. Photos below!

Exercising in his Jumperoo--a.k.a., dancing like Napoleon Dynamite--while wearing his M&Ms outfit from Grandpa Boespflug.

Chillin' in sunglasses while holding feet and wearing onesie-with-name from Grammy Sharon.

Laughing while wearing NY Yankees uniform from Grandpa Boespflug (Of course! Who else?).

Seafood Dining

When our friend Lisa Young came to visit (on Sat. 7-28), we braved an outing to a "real" restaurant: upscale seafood dining at Up the Creek here in Birmingham. Mommy had avoided most seafood during her pregnancy, so she was ecstatic to be able to eat an entire meal of it that evening. Of course, Daddy had to hold Chance most of the time, but somehow ate his meal without spilling it. Overall, our first real restaurant experience was a success, thanks to "Auntie Lisa's" help.
We're so glad you came, Lisa!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Costco and Church

After our pediatrician gave us the "go ahead" at 6 weeks (the medical community is quite hypervigilant about multiples), we began taking our twins into "public"--that is, to Costco, Wal-Mart, and the Galleria Mall. (All of the "necessary" places! :) Who knew that twins would be such a spectacle? We can barely walk for 5 minutes without someone stopping us to ogle at our babies and asking, "Are those twins?" In the photo above, Daddy, Chance, and Grace sport Polo outfits (the latter two were gifts from Eric's co-workers) at Costco, where we buy diapers and wipes in BULK!

When Grammy Sharon came back to visit again this summer, the adults outnumbered the babies in our house by 3 to 2, so we actually made it to church for the first time on July 22 (the twins were 14 weeks' old). It took us 3 hours to prepare 3 adults and 2 babies for the event, but--thanks to Grammy--we made it.

In the first few weeks after the twins were born, our church family stood in the gap for us by making us food, giving us gifts, and offering us loads of support, so we were grateful to be able to show them the little miracles they've been loving so well. (Grammy Sharon took this photo for us after church on our back porch.)