Thursday, July 21, 2011

Skype - a different childhood

I'm so jazzed that my twins have the technology to see and talk to people via Skype. Would that I had the Internet and Skype when I was a kid - geesh - then who knows what I'd learn, know, or feel today . . . the twins have it good, most definitely!

Well, I finally loaded Skype onto my new laptop last weekend, and our friend Gerry Hampson called from Ireland - whole family had a groovy time talkin' to him for about 30 minutes, including Nestle who greeted his dog Cleo! Then, we Skyped with my patient and awesome sister for about 45 minutes this week - twins LOVED makin' faces so they could see themselves and my sister's reaction. Here's a short clip indoors of the twins' showing Manda their artwork from camp last week. (I have a longer video taken on the porch, but it won't upload - we moved indoors after that.)