Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa pays a visit

Mommy's beloved Mothers and More group organized a visit from Santa for us last weekend. Though Daddy feared the twins would cry and protest sitting on Santa's lap (as in the past), they did well! We'd given presents to Santa a few days earlier (Chance--3 cars from the movie Cars; Grace--a ballerina Barbie), and when their name was called, each twin went up to sit on his lap . . .

Chance shyly approached--with me by his side--and whispered to me, "I want to tell him something." After a little urging, he finally sat on Santa's lap and said he wanted "Wingo and Snot Rod" for Xmas (from the Cars movie--Santa was obviously a bit confused, so I explained). Chance further elaborated that he didn't like the "bull tractor" from the movie, and confused Santa merely said, "Yes."

Grace, who was sitting with my friend Christine--and 4-yr-old daughter Lorelei (Grace's buddy)--on the floor, went up to Santa all by herself when her name was called. She grinned, got on his lap, and began talking to him right away. I got pictures, but I didn't hear what she said. She claims she told him she loved him, which she's apt to do. :-)

Picture taken at the end of the afternoon, before Santa leaves. Chance was protesting a bit by now . . . Grace grins happily while holding new Barbie.