Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Moms' Groups Gatherings

Next post: Update on Gracie's visit to the MUSC Dept. of Neurology yesterday (ugh!), but this time, FUN stuff.
A concerned Gracie says, "These wings aren't aerodynamically correct." :)
Our Summerville Moms group held a Halloween party. In attendance: a fair-haired fairy and an adorable astronaut. (In this pic, Grace is doing the "chicken dance," mimicking her Daddy. Chance is eyeing the candy in his bag.)

Chance with hat, worn only for a minute or two at a time.

After a tour of the fire truck ("whoo-ooo, whoo-ooo"), Chance makes his way inside for food and games.

Fairy, Astronaut, Cat, and a not-so-successful Cat Trainer . . .

A VISIT TO LOCAL CORN MAZE with animals to pet, pumpkins to paint, etc. Checking out the chickens. Grace, with her superb verbal skills, gives Chance a lecture on the merits of these domesticized birds.Chance and Mommy feeding the lamb. (What IS that goat doing behind Mommy??!) Grace would only pet or feed the goats if Alex did so with her. (Alex is holding Chase on her lap behind Gracie; we're not sure who the kid in the yellow boots is).
Grace paints a pumpkin while Chance eats the fuzzy balls (presumably used to decorate aforesaid pumpkin).

FIELD DAY at Wannamaker Park.
The relay race, not fully understood by my twins.
Mommy "helping" Gracie jump in the sack race.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Wedding--Part 2

The ravishing bride, Aunt Susan, standing next to Grandma (her mom) and probably listening to Chance tell a tall tale (which he learned from his Grandpa) about the snake from the night before.

Gracie in her swwweeeeet, doll-like, pink party-dress and patent leather shoes (BTW, ignore the date stamp, which is obviously wrong).
Our family (insert hearts here)! The twins turned 18 months old on the day of the wedding, October 11, 2008!
L to R: Grandpa Boespflug, Uncle Matt (Jenny's brother), Grandma Boespflug, Aunt Jessie--"WE ARE FAMILY!" The twins really savored all of the extra attention . . . developmentally leaping ahead, yet again.
The sisters (Aunt Manda, Mommy, Aunt Jessie) . . . thanks to Aunt Manda's persistence, Gracie now says "I love you" quite well--and definitely understands that it's a phrase of endearment too!
Uncle Matt and Chance . . .

. . . playing in the dirt . . . BOYS!

Gracie fed her Grandpa more cubes of cheese than Mommy could count . . .
Chance and Grace at the reception . . . Mommy adores Chance in his bowtie, what a dashingly handsome boy. Mommy's in love! (THANK YOU to Grandma for the twins' beautiful wedding attire!)

Chance wearing a "wreath" made with Aunt Manda--a little cherub in a halo (?) . . . or a little devil taking apart the table decoration (?) . . . and how culpable is Aunt Manda in all of this?

Aunt Jessica and Chance (and Chance's tongue)!

We celebrated Aunt Manda's birthday at the VERY amazing Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester. Seriously, folks, never seen anything like it. It's the "only museum in the world dedicated solely to the study of play" and well worth the admission fee (it's nearly impossible to see/do the entire museum in one day)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNT MANDA!!

Mommy thinks this is a great picture of both, a particularly beautiful one of Grandma (and it's amazing that Chance's hand isn't in his mouth)!

Chance inherited his Daddy's ability to entertain; at only 18 months, he does "anything for a laugh" (and he laughs with us)!

Chance "plays" chess.

Gracie enjoyed Aunt Manda's birthday cookie--"Yummy tummy. Mmmm good." (She really says these things.)
At the Strong Museum, Grace and Chance rode a full-sized merry-go-round for the first time (here's Chance with Grandpa).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Wedding--Part 1

Ahhhh, the fall foliage in New York state. No wonder Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob chose an outdoor October wedding at the Sweet Briar Inn! The changing leaves are unreal in their beauty . . . This pic, showing a bit of the foliage, is from the rehearsal on Friday night. Grandpa and Grandma Boespflug are in the foreground (Grandpa looking at the camera, wearing his sunglasses). The groom, Uncle Bob, is on the far right, with his hands in his pockets--soooo relaxed, eh? (Appearance vs. reality!) The wedding party is looking for Aunt Susan (not pictured), who is practicing her walk down the "aisle."
During the rehearsal, Chance and Grace played with leaves . . . Grace insisted on wearing her brand-new hot pink Crocs from Grandma!

"Wait, Gracie, don't touch! Look out for that snake!"

The wedding snake . . . biblical? Ha! :-)
"Oh, this little bity snake? But he's so cute!" (Just kidding--she's holding a stick.)

Daddy showed the twins how to stomp in the leaves, a pleasure to their sensory stimulation.

Of course, this slope called to Chance, "You must run up and down me. Grass stains are fun!" Grace followed suit.

The Baumgartners, Boespflugs, and Egans stayed at the historic Big Tree Inn on Main Street in downtown Geneseo, right outside of SUNY Geneseo. The twins thoroughly enjoyed the stairs leading up to our 3rd floor room (Village View Suite)! Pictured: Aunt Manda Boespflug, Grandpa Boespflug, Chance, Mommy

Another pic outside the Big Tree Inn with Daddy, Grace, Chance, and Mommy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gracie's First Official Haircut

Last Sat., Gracie successfully endured her first "official" haircut at a salon ("all 3 hairs on her head," as her Daddy says), even though Mommy forgot the lollipop/"piggypop." She bobbed and weaved, but Kim persisted. Now, Gracie will be "pretty" (her word) for Susan's wedding this weekend! (As noticeable in these pics, Mommy also got her hair cut, the shortest ever--well, at least since she was Gracie's age.)
A side note about Gracie's haircuts: Back in July, Grandma Boespflug nicely trimmed the back of her hair a little bit--but then Grandpa "helped," saying "let me get that one stray hair" and cut a chunk out of the right side in the back. Daddy was a little bent out of shape (ha!) when he saw it, but Mommy didn't think it was that noticeable.BTW, Chance gets his hair cut by Kim too (he's had 6 haircuts already!) and happily submits with lollipop in hand.

About mid-Sept., Chance started feeding himself pretty well with a spoon and has improved ever since ("beating out" Gracie in this particular area). In this video, mind you, it's very early in the a.m., and he is NOT a morning baby . . . he focuses on his food (wakes up doing sign language for--and saying--"eat"!).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Getting Used to Glasses

Grace is slowly . . . ever so slowly . . . getting used to wearing her glasses. Mommy and Daddy still vigilantly watch over her, placing them back on her head frequently, but in itty bitty increments, she's wearing them longer and longer, esp. if she's distracted by something fun (she probably forgets she has them on)!

Our Mom's Group went to the Charleston Children's Museum yesterday where Grace wore her glasses like a pro! (See VIDEOS below too.)

After dinner, Gracie needed a change of clothes (food everywhere) before she could go outside to play. Daddy picked out this stylish getup. Reminds us of an 80s workout outfit.

This was our "bestest" visit to the Children's Museum yet; the kiddos could really interact with the exhibits! (THANKS again for the membership, Grammy Sharon, Aunt Manda, Uncle Sam, and Aunt Gill!!)