Monday, February 22, 2010

Halloween 09 (posted late)

Well, faithful blog followers, beginning again feels a bit painful, but this mommy is determined to dust off this scrapblog and forge ahead. Numerous glitches kept us off-line for a while. But here's more. Some of Halloween '09:Cuter twin train engineers you'll never see. Outside the aquarium here.

Tongues. (Grace holding Chance's basket. Mommy holds Grace's orange one. The bag? Who knows.)A train chugs down the tracks about 100 yds from the aquarium. An exhuberant Chance points it out to Mommy, who tries to pass on the excitement to picture-taking Daddy.
Turtle puppet inside the aquarium. Checking out the fishies after playing various games and getting lots of candy.

We visited the Baumgartner grandparents in early October. Chance snuggles with Grandmother, very briefly.

Grace goes out to help Mommy retrieve some things from the car, only to be distracted by playing with Chance's toy truck in the gorgeous weather.

A wheelchair ride with Grandad. See VIDEO too.

Grace wheelin' with Grandad. Chance walking in front and Daddy bringing up the rear with the "diaper bag" backpack.

Grace looking for those kitties outside of the apartments at the Lowman Home.