Wednesday, October 31, 2007

'Bye to Birmingham

The last Sunday we were in Birmingham, we went to our church, Holy Apostles, to say good-bye, and afterward, we had lunch with our 3 dearest church-family friends: Bill, Pat, and Kay. We snapped a few photos, of course.

Grace adored Bill, who entertained and cuddled with her at the restaurant. (Mommy loves this photo of the two of them making faces at each other!) In an earlier blog post, you can see a picture of Chance and Pat too. We can't wait to see you soon, Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill!

What would we have done without our friend Kay who came to our house many times during those first couple of challenging months? She rocked our babies and loved them so well. We will miss you, Kay. (In this photo, Chance was being his usual spastic self. :)

If she could talk, Grace would thank Kay for having such a comforting lap, where she fell asleep many times as Kay sang to her.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Half Birthday!

Our twins turned 6 months old on Oct. 11! To celebrate, we sang "Happy Birthday" to them--and then took them to get their immunizations. Ha! They actually got their shots several days later, on Monday, Oct. 15, when we also said good-bye to our wonderful pediatrician, Toren Anderson. (Mommy forgot to bring the camera to get a picture of their first pediatrician. I know--a bit oversentimental, but I'm a new mommy!) Though both Chance and Grace cried briefly, this round of immunizations seemed to go better than the last two, praise God. Of course, we medicated them with Tylenol every 4 hours for at least 24 hours following!

Below are their measurements and percentiles from the doc. They're still "small," but they're thriving very well. Perhaps Gracie is just petite, like her Mommy; we can shop in petite stores together someday (thanks to Laurie Roe's blog, I've learned lots about petites:!

Weight 15.3 oz. (10th percentile); Length 27.5 in. (75th per.); Head circum. 17 1/6 (50th per.)

Weight 12.10 oz. (3rd per.); Length 26 in. (50th per.); Head circum. 16 3/4 (30th per.)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Baby Geniuses

Mommy needed new eye glasses, so we all went to a local eye center last Saturday. While mommy looked for frames, daddy picked out ones for the babies. Chance wasn't quite sure about them; Grace just humored her dad patiently (as usual). See pictures.

Afterward, we met our friends Heather, Madison, and Ashley at the Galleria Mall. Ashley, a beauty who is age 18 months, ran around the mall while our twins enjoyed their Baby Bjorns or Jeep stroller (nothing like throwing around brand names, eh?). Pictured is Heather with Gracie.