Monday, March 31, 2008

Aunt Manda's Spring Break

Aunt Amanda came to visit us during her Spring Break for 7 fah-bu-lous days!

Of course, we went to the SC Aquarium (thanks to Grandpa's gift of a membership), and the twins played in the "boat" for a few minutes.

We also went to The Little Gym (, which usually Chance only attends while Grace is at Mother's Morning Out, but because Amanda was with us, Grace could go too! (At their age, one adult must be present with each child.) But Grace also has her own fun activity: she goes to Kindermusik on Thursdays while Chance is at Mother's Morning Out.

Notice that we're all wearing green because we went on St. Patrick's Day!

One night, we dressed both babes in their monkey pajamas (given to them by Aunt JuJu/Julie). Chance and Amanda ate dinner together, then the kiddos played and goofed around till bedtime.
What a comedian!

The next morning, Grace woke up early but then wanted to go back to sleep--which she enjoyed with Aunt Amanda!

Oh, how we wish Aunt Amanda lived nearby. We miss her very much!

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