Friday, March 7, 2008

Sippy Cup and Standing

Well, Chance ended up with the flu too, though it was short-lived. Unfortunately, it restarted his "gastrointestinal issues" and thus hasn't been sleeping well (and neither have Mommy and Daddy). We discovered that Grace is slightly anemic (probably from breast milk, though she only received about 50% in these last couple of months). Her sickness has turned into a bit of upper-respiratory illness, but she seems to be feeling well nonetheless. In fact, she started using her sippy cup correctly this week (i.e., she actually drinks from it)--and she's very PROUD of it! See picture and VIDEO below.

Both Chance and Grace are standing by themselves already (without any assistance or props), but neither of them have taken any steps. Mommy is probably the only mother alive who is NOT in a hurry for her kids to walk; after all, it's challenging enough to keep up with twins who crawl in opposite directions! :)

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