Sunday, May 11, 2008


Our twins turned 13 months old on 5-11-07! Wow!

For about a week now, Gracie has been singing the chorus to "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" on cue. Right after we sing the opening line, "Old MacDonald . . . ," she adds her version of "e-i-e-i-o," which you can somewhat hear in these videos.

Also, when Grandma Boespflug was here for the twins' birthdays, she taught Gracie the sound that a fish makes: "Blub!" Chance says it now too.

WALKIN': Chance took his first steps on Wednesday, April 30, as he was trying to take the poppy seed container (it makes a cool sound when shaken, don't cha know?!) from Grace. Today, Daddy said he took about 8 steps by himself, and when Daddy held ONE of his hands, Chance walked alongside Daddy today too!

Thankfully, the twins are sleeping better and better--Mommy and Daddy have had more sleep in the last 3 nights! It's a whole new world with sleep, y'all.

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