Thursday, July 24, 2008

With Cousin Shayne in NY

We're now visiting Grandma and Granpa Boespflug in Mechanicville (Albany), NY. On Sunday, the cousins try out some dancin' in Grandpa and Grandma's living room. (L to R: Gracie, Shayne, Chance.)
Shayne inherited her Mommy's amazing dancin' genes (SEE VIDEO ABOVE), while the twins inherited Baumgartner/Boespflug non-dancin' genes (but we have fun trying)!

Caught Shayne and Gracie in the middle of a deep conversation.
Chance offered to take Shayne for a spin on his new car.
Shayne bravely accepts his offer and the two go round the bar in the kitchen in this video.

Chance persuades Aunt Jess to read his car magazine to him, which she willingly and sweetly agrees to do.

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